Shauvot? Pentecost? Borrowing holidays

admin/ September 23, 2016

You say Shavuot … I say Pentecost — Celebrating with Fun and Fire It’s easy to forget that the Gospels were written by Jews for Jews in the first century. There’s a shorthand of meaning which is hidden to the uninitiated. The symbolism of the Holy Spirit descending on the day of Pentecost is an example of this. It’s the

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Whatever Happened to the Churches of Revelation?

admin/ March 10, 2014

Ed West writes in his book, Silence of Our Friends, in September 2013, there was a BBC broadcast news from a battle in the predominantly Christian village of Ma’Loula, in the hills north of Damascus. The rebels had planted a black jihadi flag close to the statute of the Virgin Mary overlooking the surrounding desert. Into the camera a local Christian

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