Conquering Canaan — Bringing the Promise Home

admin/ July 19, 2013

THE PROMISED LAND   Canaan, the “promised land” – it was not a land of rich, empty acres anxiously awaiting its new occupants; is a territory made up small, independent city states which owed their allegiance to either Egypt, Mittani or the Hittites, depending on which year it was. It was a significant place strategically and geopolitically; here the Egyptian,

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The End of the Bronze Age – Destruction and Genocide as a Way of Life

admin/ July 15, 2013

“Never leave an enemy behind — for he will rise again to fly at your throat!”  Shaka Zulu History does not occur in a vacuüm, but yet we seldom think about all of the interwoven threads that weave together to create the cloth of our lives.  It is no different for the events of the Bible.  The Bible centers its

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