Shauvot? Pentecost? Borrowing holidays

admin/ September 23, 2016

You say Shavuot … I say Pentecost — Celebrating with Fun and Fire It’s easy to forget that the Gospels were written by Jews for Jews in the first century. There’s a shorthand of meaning which is hidden to the uninitiated. The symbolism of the Holy Spirit descending on the day of Pentecost is an example of this. It’s the

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Did the early Christians cheat by copying everyone else?

admin/ June 8, 2014

There is a fascinating introduction written  by Everett Ferguson to his book, “Backgrounds of Early Christianity” (Third Edition) that gets right to the heart of a question which all students of Christian history have asked.  Not much of early Christianity (or late Christianity for that matter), is unique.  It all seems to be taken from some pagan or competing religion.

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